VoIP: Little Acronym, Big Savings

VoIP – Voice-over-IP (Internet-Protocol) – is an affordable, Internet-based phone system that can increase your business’ flexibility and productivity. VoIP offers benefits that just aren’t available with traditional business phone systems, and can save you thousands of dollars on your long-distance and international phone bills. Mitchell-Wayne Technologies VoIP packages offer solutions to replace or enhance your current business phone system with Voice-over-IP.

Mitchell-Wayne Technologies’ VoIP business phone systems include:

  • Hardware, support and service for one low monthly price
  • Unlimited calls – local, long-distance and international
  • New features that aren’t available with analog systems
  • Birmingham-based installation, maintenance and support
  • Migration of your old system to Voice-over-IP

With Voice-over-IP, your monthly rate stays constant, no matter how many calls you make or where you call. If you regularly make long-distance or international calls, our system could save you thousands of dollars. In addition, with our Internet-based business phone systems, you don’t have to make a major capital investment in equipment that will quickly be out-of-date.

With VoIP, you can access your phone system anyplace there’s an Internet connection. It’s a smart option for cost-conscious businesses — especially businesses that also have a traveling workforce. VoIP can be used over wireless connections anywhere, so your employees can stay effective while they’re at home in Birmingham or traveling. Plus, voice-over-IP services can adapt as your business needs change, giving you the capacity to scale up or down anytime.

Contact Mitchell-Wayne Technologies today to see how much your company can save using VoIP.